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BCABC’s Annual Independence Gala 2010

Although we love to look forward to it, most members would admit that such events are best seen in their rearview mirror. It is indeed a stressful time and the organizers know full well of the trials and tribulations they suffer and survive before, during and after the event. Sometimes riding a wave of success for years after, having created a standard of excellence to which all others are compared or sometimes trying to live down utterly dismal decisions and choices that can swing like an albatross around the neck anytime such fiascos are mentioned.

This is known and understood by all the Caribbean associations, community groups and individuals who have ventured into the unforgiving, but sometimes rewarding, waters of entertainment and event planning.

The BCABC’s gala banquet was held on the 13th of November at the Vancouver Hilton in Burnaby, BC.

The weather was good and the hotel has a reputation for delivering a tasty meal. This year’s event saw the return of the famous ‘flying fish’, ending a drought brought about by high prices and , some say, ‘fiscal cooling’. The patrons were not as numerous as at other times but there was a very good turn out from the community without the lure of a prize trip to Barbados.

The entertainment was quite nice, with the antics of the famous duo, Drucilla and Violet, doing a skit of love and opportunity but their early dialogue was hampered by a temperamental sound system. BCABC’s favourite irrepressible senior, Fred Wilson, played the love interest of one of the protagonists. A nice touch was the young fairy ballerina who gracefully danced during the sleep sequences. That they are humourous is not in doubt but the attention span of some in the audience was severely tested by the length of the piece.

The choir and drummers were as of late, devastating. No more offers came from the audience to pay them to stop. The poem, with verses spoken by members of the represented Caribbean islands (and Guyana), was excellent and set the evening with the string of commonality, which indicated that we all came over on the ‘same bus’, but got off at different stops. Tinting the festivities was the recent burial of the late Prime Minister of Barbados, the Hon. David Thompson, to whom a minute of silence was devoted. The MC duo of Elise Drayton and Mrs. Michelle De Abreu provided ample excitement for the eyes even if it was a little difficult to hear them sometimes.

In the absence of a guest speaker (none was appointed) three dignitaries representing the Premier of BC, the Mayor of Burnaby and of the opposition NDP, brought greetings and messages.

In spite of the ubiquitous grumblings and facial contortions of dissatisfactions by some, complaints and nit-picks by others I had quite a nice time. Some said I was like a dog off-leash. I enjoyed meeting and re-acquainting myself with seldom-seen friends, looking at all the beautiful young …er, people and marveling at the former babies who were now legal to drink publicly. I am still in awe of the young lady who won the 50/50 draw worth much money and then won the ‘money-tree’ (an ornamental tree festooned with lottery tickets) worth millions. This same young lady had won the money tree previously at one of the BCABC’s banquets…what a lucky woman.