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Transferul de bani prin intermediul societatilor internationale de transfer

O societate internationala de transfer de bani este este un serviciu de transfer bancar, care va permite sa transferati rapid bani pe tot globul. Compania este o astfel de societate care ofera acest serviciu. Desi nu este lipsita de riscuri, este o modalitate sigura de a obtine bani la prieteni si familie aproape oriunde […]


The Executive of the BCABC The executive consists of the president and eight members of the board, which are assigned their posts after their first meeting.The terms are for two years and the following persons hold the given posts. President: Eric Drayton Cultural Rep: Barbara Humphrey Program Director: Beverley Drayton Secretary: Joyce Trotman Member at […]

BCABC News and Events

““““““““““““““““““““““““` BCABC’s Annual Independence Gala 2010 Although we love to look forward to it, most members would admit that such events are best seen in their rearview mirror. It is indeed a stressful time and the organizers know full well of the trials and tribulations they suffer and survive before, during and after the event. […]


Barbados in 3D Differences in culture between (three) Caribbean countries… Still more perspective on Barbados abd Bajans…   The Editor, Sir: No matter how long you teach a fool, he still knows everything, Leonid Sukhorukov. If we are convinced as a nation that, ‘by losing ground in our schools we’ve also lost ground in our […]

Consular Page

The Queen’s Royal Jubilee celebrations are taking place throughout the Commonwealth and Victoria, capital of British Columbia, was no exception. Doing their parts representing their respective countries were the honorary consuls for Barbados and Jamaica, Mrs. Marilyn Moseley and Mrs. Wilma King-Bennet. Below are some photos. CIBCs Lunar Fest (Chinese New Year) reception in Vancouver […]